DJ Doppelgenger Interview (English ver.)

Dj Doppelgenger is basing his activities in Kanto area, expanding from Thailand, Egypt, and America, especially in America; He performed in the huge desert festival “Burning Man”. Moreover, his first Album “paradigm shift” will be released in 2012.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Omiya, Saitama prefecture.

What were you interested in during childhood until your 20s?

I have been interested in collecting things. “Bikkuriman (cards come
from Japnese snacks)”, Menko (one of Japanese toys), caps of Sake,
Collection Card, and vinyl eventually. I still have the habit of collecting
weird things.

What was the trigger of starting DJ? And, please tell us your first
style and activity.

My starting point began with watching "Sanpin camp" video and entering Japanese hip-hop. At the time, my friend’s older brother had a turntable and I started digging, which got me into a part time job and gathered the instruments. During the time, We used to routinely scratch. My activity started showing scratching at the local club.


There seems to be the change of style these years. I understand 
Doppelgenger as Dub Step Dj and psychedelic, punk and etc… Where were these changes and senses come from?

I originally like music in general so that I go out to play everywhere. If I were to pick up one of the changes, it would be meeting rave culture in the early 2000. At the era, trance rave was big hit in Japan and I used to go to big and small parties. Expansion of the experience of playing in India and Thailand, the rave culture became the deep connection of mine. Then, I lived in Koenji for five years and started meeting all sorts of people with various genres. The
unique miscellaneous atmosphere was great impact for me.

The first time I met Doppelgenger was at the party called “Version” in
 Nakameguro SOLFA. Also, weren’t you used to host the party called “Cyber Punk”? In the meanwhile, I witnessed various Artists such as SAK DUB I, E.D.O Echo. Since then, do you have any drastic changes in Dub Step Party from now and then?

The “Version” became long-run party now. The “Cyber Punk” was the party I used to do whatever I wanted to do. Rather than calling the party as Dubstep party, it would be my manifestation of my imagination. About the changes of Dubstep party, it is now becoming
recognizable (Dubstep itself). No big changes in the core, which is (I believe that) good current.

At the present, you run a party called “Mammoth Dub”. Many dubstep
 parties are born and created which are getting attention. Do you have any relative comments about running parties with the crew in your area Doppelgenger? Furthermore, do you feel anything about the movements in locals? (There are many cities that are credited in the new album of
“paradigm shift” Japan tour. Explained later)

As matter of facts, there are many local parties are born. Mammoth Dub, Bud, and B-Lines Delight crew (in Tochigi prefecture) is becoming hot. In the era of the internet, physical places do not matter anymore (which I feel). Enjoy wherever you are and it should be taken for
granted. If the person is unable to come to the floor, he/she can now watch trough Ustream and there are various ways to share. It is very important to bring your feet to the venue but there are ways to share as above and the twitter lets us know how good or bad the party is
now. I feel excited when a person comes from a far place hearing about the rumor of our party. I believe that if the movement will continue in this way, it will become more interesting. I think that it would be great if I could contribute back the possibilities to mammoth dub from
experiences of the Japan tour.

These years, there are outstanding activities of yours in Thailand,
 India and the USA. Do you notice any changes in yourself Doppelgenger?
Last year, I Djed in 3 countries. If it were to counted as performances, I djed about 10 different venues. The insight of my travel… Anyway, it becomes the great asset of mine experiencing from a place to place. I believe that human being is naturally (in sense
that) affected by many factors. One of those would be, the air, food, and people. I want to feel the place as much as possible. It is just not the music, as human being, I want to be a person who can be at anywhere.
Please let us hear about your experiences at the party in Thailand,
India, and the USA. What were the scenes like?

I have very strong impressions from a place to place. If I explain everything here in details, it would be disaster, so I sum up. It is not about what is happening at the scene, but how would the scenes dye into my view of the world. There are custom of the place and I would be a stranger looking from the other end. Wherever I am, I intend to show good side of my original uniqueness although they might feel a little difference. For that matter, it is important to have your own music. Over the genre, I would like to expand my music to be accepted as pure music. Then it would become as scene and make them notice it would be one of the dubstep existences.

How was the “Burning Man” festival? It is a rumor that people cannot live there…



It was a very awesome location. It was like the movie, Star Wars. The theme of the festivals was to share big and small things with everyone (last year 55000 people). During the festival week, we could not use any money except for water and ice, if there were lack of anything,
you exchange goods. The quality of the festival was awesome and people’s passion about it was very overwhelming. During the week, I djed a few times. There were infinite numbers of booths so if there were good sound, people would gather. Looking at the desert and Djing
at the same time, it was rare experience and time for me. The difference in temperature was great, then sometimes, rapid wind came and cleaning up the instruments was a disaster. I brought crappy turntables and mixer because of knowing that, so Djing was very hard
(laughter). After a few months, My PC and interface were broken because of that. Although the experiences, I would like to go back if I get an opportunity. I experienced many impressions through that party.

The most recent tour was in the USA. During the time, you made the
 first album “paradigm shift”, what was the situation like?

This is correct. Over half of the album was created during the US visit. I created the album during the transportation, at friend’s house, and many more locations. I was a very lucky person and could stay in various people’s houses and could spend real life of the USA.
It was rare experience. It is somewhat called “Spacy Time?” during your lifetime. There are no limit of time and absolute free time. I suggest young people to make such times who are being chased by the time like Japanese people. Just once in my life time, I could think
over why we work for, how do I spend my lifetime, and etc… The album is fully instrumental, so I left message of my heart and landscape, without the words, in every song.

I happened to listen to demo version of “paradigm shift”, it was very 
emotional and spiritual, yet futuristic, punk, and Japanistic essence to it. I personally had no spiritual images in the USA (USA = POPS) but what did you see in the USA?

As you mentioned, The US is strongly involved with show business spirit. However, I was not influenced by it. Moreover, this masterpiece was born from the rebel spirit. However, the USA is huge country so you cannot judge. In fact, I stayed in Seattle where I stayed the longest was very country sided with deer and seals. The place was very spiritual and I got the power of nature and could ouput the music. The song named “bashon island” in the album is the one
which I created during the stay. Besides the US, I was in the nature of India and Thailand, so I prefer that environment over city. The sound would reveal naturally from the environment where I gained.

Please tell us about your own label “GURUZ”.

GURU = the gathering of masters, and I named it as GURUZ. I have no
 boundaries in genres and wanted make overwhelming and random things in the label. At the present, I am offering offers to various artists.
Please be excited from now on. This year, I would like to release many
dubstep masterpieces centering my own music.


In recent days, Doppelgenger twitted as follows “I belong to genre butnot tied”. Before then, in general, DUB STEP’s image was two beats and
 heavy and dope. (In fact, when MALA came into bud ryukyu, the crowd on the floor was “killed” by the concept lol) Now, the artists from all genres are making Dubstep. The name of Dubstep is expanding further and further comparing to back in days. During the changes, where would the format of Dubstep would go? Please tell us your view of the future of Dubstep on the name of Doppelgenger, as DJ, and as Track maker.
Furthermore, do you have anything in mind about the future?

Dubstep is interesting because no one knows where it would go and how it would evolve. There are many branches but still giving great music, which are very outstanding. I think that the future is up to every one of those. Talking to myself, I was just collecting and Djing the
sounds which were released. In the meanwhile, I was connected with many artists, and exchanging songs, which made my own music and started Djing with linked artists. That, in a sense, is the real form of DJ and I would like to make my stance by expanding links and
continually releasing the new attractive Dubstep. Just one not two, I want to keep searching my originality. And, as DJ, if I could step into where no one has, it would be very willing and would be the
happiness itself.

There are many problems involved in Japan at the moment. There are
 problems about the nuclear power plant, radiation suffering, and Fu-Ei law which pressures club culture. How would you be able to approach these many problems as club scene maker?

I cannot answer at once. Nuclear power problem, this is the huge problem about the future of Japan. Now is the image of the past people’s image from the big point of view.
Now is the time to accept the situation and create the future. It is the time for one of us to rethink our existences. The paradigm shift, which situation is now.
It is important know that you have enough and take care of the source of the limit.
It is not about the material things if we were to talk about prosperity.
“The fulfillment of spirit.” After the earthquake, many people became aware of it.
There is much possibility in music. It can move the hearts of people which is a great tool. Now, I do not have anything with confident to offer besides music. Therefore, I would like to share and link many problems through my activities.
Let’s link. I believe that it would be very huge power that influences the world if all the Japanese dubstepper link together.

-Session in Okinawa-
Is this your first time visit of Okinawa?

I have been here once before.

What do you want to eat in Okinawa?

Okinawan Soba. I would like to go to local and nice soba shop.

This time, “bud ryukyu” is going to try to have a session with a
 different party. bud ryukyu feat MAMMOTH DUB. From the MAMMOTH DUB side, Doppelgenger / ATSUKI / VJ Genome will attend. What’s going to happen? lol
I think you guys have already experienced ATSUKI’s greatness before. lol
Besides that, I recognize the bud crew’s faces and am very pleased to share one party in one night. We will bring all of our power to the party.

Finally, please give a word to Okinawan people and connected Asian people.

Please come and play at the party.
I am excited to link with Okinawan people.
The world seems to be big but small. The longest trip would only take
a few days to arrive.
Okinawa is only a few hours away by a flight.
It is like neighborhood.
The tribal and ideal conflicts do not exist in the music.
Everyone is equal in front of music.


Doppelgenger 1st Album「paradigm shift」  Tower Records Nahaにて販売中!

◎アーティスト名 DJ Doppelgenger 
◎Tittle   paradigm shift
◎発売日  2012/4/11
◎品番 GRZCD001
◎価格 2000円(税込)
◎レーベル guruz
DJ Doppelgenger待望の1stアルバムが、遂にリリース決定!
『paradigm shift』既存の価値観の変化の時。
World trip + Dubstep。細分化し続けるDubstepの中、Doppelgengerがここで新たなるスタイルを提唱する。


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