Resident Interview Part 1 (DJ SINKICHI & MONDO) English Ver.

Resident Special Interview part 1 (DJ SINKICHI / MONDO) 
Yama a.k.a. Sahib (Jazz Brothers Production / AUDIO SUTRA SOUND)

Q1 Could you please tell me how the ‘bud’ started. 
(Sinkichi abbreviated as ‘S’ below)

Since I came to Koza, Okinawa, I had been hosting the ‘sunconscious’ party and thinking about doing creative music with high quality rather than playing just as pleasure disco culture. Furthermore, I was thinking about creating PARTY which outputs to mainland and overseas. While thinking so, I was being introduced DJ MONDO from YAMA san and DJ MONDO eventually came back to Okinawa from Saitama and met him and had mutual understanding, and firstly started the party at OTOBOLA. During the parties, NU-doh and IORI started carrying vinyl and naturally started hosting the parties with four members.    

(Mondo abbreviated as ‘M’ below)

It is started that when I and Sinkichi san had mutual understanding about DUBSTEP. At first, we started the party as entrance free environment where is the OTOBOLA. 

Q2. Please tell me about the special characteristic about the ‘bud’
First, our resident Djs, four members, have and are able to express each network. It is like random but together. IORI’s masterpiece(s) is/are released from foreign label and receiving high ratings, and Nu-doh is playing all over Japan while having NOHICAN space in Yonabaru.     
Mondo is managing budradio through USTREAM and distributing many DJMIXES while working at a busy company with great passion. 
I am doing the basic DJ movement.  
So the all the movement points cross at the ‘bud’.  

Secondly, there are high-beauty-conscious ladies. 

I am looking at the different direction than mainland and overseas DUBSTEP PARTY.
It is ‘just’ free-form. Also, it is not just the music, I value the importance about the message which is born and connection with the people.   

Q3. What are your frame of minds over one year period?  
Every party is stimulating every time and great but there are no money…
It is like the feeling that ‘I wear old clothes while my heart is cotton’ Furthermore, movement is getting bigger and bigger so I want more sponsors and staffs.   

I have been having confidence about creating something new and it’s now solid confidence since Nu-Doh and IORI joined. First, I was nervous since the age group is different in Djs, however, when it all started it is now evolved as the well-balanced Party. Also, all the crew’s self-consciousness is involved to make the party as ‘one’.

Q4.Please tell me about club scene in Okinawa. 
It is outstanding that there are open minded people and alcohol involved. There are cheering and free mind over the restraint of the music genres. I really wish for the continuation of the space and atmosphere over time.     
Wherever I go out to parties, there are Okinawan styled parties and each party is uncommonly unique. The spirit of D.I.Y can also be found from the sound itself. These days, outside djs are moving into Okinawa and mutually stimulating each other and looking for the Future Music.     

Q5. Do you have any consciousness attentions when you have the party in Okinawa? 
I am paying attention about not being drunk too much alcohol by someone while Djing, but, other than that there are no points. Whenever we play at different venue, my emotion will be no different than playing at any parties.   

I am paying attention about the balance while I am djing. I am conscious about making heavy weight music myself so I think it is important task that to make listener’s ears little by little. These days, there are great responses from people about the DUB STEP music. During the party, I am conscious that everyone is companions whoever comes to the party. It is still same way that whenever the size of the party changes.  

Q6.What are your decisional points when you invite guests in Okinawa? 
EN. (fate)
We have been inviting guests from the network of our crews. There are no mistakes about inviting them since we are connected and we listen their music. It is definitely great to introduce our liking Artists at our party. Since now on, I would like to introduce own liking artists more and more. 

Q7.Bud is focusing on the base music since the invention of the Sub-woofer, what do you think of the dubstep which is thought to be the edge of evolution (of bass music)? Also, what do you think about how the future music should be? 
It is very exciting. Since the evolution of the instruments, it is now possible to accurately control the different dimensional base, and it is now very new sense to dance in the vibe of the frequency. Furthermore, there are varieties of the sound so it is hard to pin point to call the sound as ‘This is the dubstep’. I feel that crossover is apparent moreover in the club music, which is making the word of ‘dubstep’ collapsed. The future music will be fused and evolved as new festival music from the land’s mythology, history, music, rhythm, etc… The ‘bud’ wants to be ‘it’.    

DUBSTEP is not a genre, it is format, and as rebel music, it is a culture. However, it is difficult opinion. In short, the sound is “the world’s No.1 cool sound”. I do not know that if it is the edge, however, many edgy thinking artists are now making DUBSTEP.   
DUBSTEP’s format itself was being paid attention by many artists, and it is now that DJ’s width is expanded since it became as club music. Moreover, it is very exciting things that when the sound changes whenever the DJ changes.  

Q8.Please tell me about the best album which is released within this year.
Omar Sosa’s “Calma”
It is not base music since it is a solo piano album, but I want to play it at the end of bud play. After the great earthquake, I have been listing all the time. I am in vibes of deep pray. 

If it is dubstep, it would be “SilkieCityLimits vol.2
Besides that “JeffBeckGuitarShop”,,,,, old !!

Q9.Please tell me about the albums which were key points in your life. If there are any, please tell.  

LarryCarltonOn Solid Groud, he is the jazz fusion guitarist and he was almost dead after being shot in a head by a youth, and eventually his indomitable spirit made the album to be completed. I went to his live so many times with my father. There are memories with my father as well.   

Q10. What artist(s) do you pay attention now? 

“Chura-Shima (beautiful island) navigators” by (Nu-doh & He-jah)

StudioRockers’s artists which includes JazzSteppa. Precisely, I pay extra attention to “StudioRockers”s label. I get excited about their masterpieces every time. Moreover, it would also be a label, “Paradise Lost”, which has a unique chill view of the world intensely.     

Q11.What artist do you respect the most? 
DJ Sahib, he grew us up. Recently, JUZU a.k.a MOOCHY, he is long and old friend, RESPECT! 

(M) YAMA san, and Larry Carlton. 

Q12.Okinawa holds lots of social problems. Also, it is place to maintain ‘Peace ‘ and pray for ‘Peace’ more than anywhere else. I believe that there is conscious effort during dj play less or more since you play in Okinawa as label music. After the great earthquake, what do you think that the music should be? 

Local supply and local consume!!! Self-sufficiency!!!!
It is the theme of the world but I want to focus in the future to be broken away from the cycle of unwanted invasion, ruling, not knowing where the food came from and eating them. Music is the same way. By this meaning, I think traditional music, eisa, and Bon dancing, etc… are important.   

Okinawa has the image of the tourist’s site but holds the dark side also. I am not yet to be the artist who changes the world through music but I challenge myself to have own message delivered to the audience as an artist. Artist has the influence of a word so I feel the needs to have the opinion. All the great ideology, opinion, and message would change depending on inside of maintaining person. Music is the same way. I want ‘music’ to be place in the center of the people who direct the world in the best direction. After the great earthquake, music has the bright light ahead of everyone.     

Q13. Please give message to Okinawa and connected Asian! 

To uchinan-chu(Okinawan): it is just not America or Tokyo to focus. From Okinawa, there is Taiwan in one hour flight in southwest, and further west there is huge Asia. Everyone is fashionable and good looking and stalls foods are the best! Clubing is very exciting! If you say that “I am from Okinawa”, they welcome us as “RYUKYU!”. Why not pay attention to neighbors?   
Secondly, it is very serious thing, why don’t stop to say bad things about Chinese people? 
It might be facts that they might have bad manner and Chinese government has problems, but we cannot distinguish people between country’s border lines. There are good and bad people. They are everywhere. Furthermore, there are a lots of people who come from China. It is important to teach them manner, tell them rules, share good food, drink, sing and dance together. Ichariba-Chode- (once we meet, we are brothers and sisters)!  
Finally, please do not dance with media too much. So please believe/doubt my story, you should make own decision by your own action. 

As country, as musician, I believe that connecting to Asia is the best constructive way of making the best future. We share the same culture norm so why don’t we start respecting our each different expression? For that, there is the idea of the ‘Party’. 

Q14.What is the ‘bud’ plan from now on? 
After the 1st anniversary, we are planning to invite Mala / Digital Mystikz,who created the dubstep music, in November in Okinawa. Also, we are planning to do the ‘bud’ tour in Taipei, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai next year. 
We are inviting great artist in November in Okinawa. 
We might be possible to tell you the details on 8/20. Please expect. 

Q15.Finally, when is ‘my’ turn next time? 
When should it be? 

Thank you very much. 

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