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Greg g Interview

Greg g 率いるレーベル7even Recordings,テッキーでダビーな楽曲群でヒットを続けて来た彼らがここ数年でまた新たな世界観でDUBSTEPシーンに一席を投じている。急激な変化を続ける7even RecordingsについてオーナーであるGreg g自身にインタビューをした。

The “7even Recordings”, led by “Greg g”, is creating a new view of the world and making influence on Dubstep scene these years which are technical and Dubby, making hits music. We interviewed the owner of 7even Recordings, Greg g, who is making drastic changes in his label.  

7even Recordingsをリリース当初より追いかけていたきたファン全員がこれまでの7even Recordingsの深化(deeply than before)に驚いていると思います。

I think that the whole 7even Recordings fans are surprising because of the evolution of depth of 7even Recordings music. Did you intend to make the path for the evolution of the depth?   


The selection of the music which is released on 7even does not really follow any rule or trend of any music movement so everything is decided depending of the music I receive from the artists I work with, but I would say that it is true that 7even has step by step become a more explorative place for music expression. I prefer the label to be somewhere people can discover music they have maybe not heard before, the best example is the ENA's album which went out recently. This is not an easy release, or easy music to listen and understand to at first, but if you take the time to discover it then you will find something strong. We are not supposed to release easy music for the maximum of people, but music we trust in. I think the purpose of a music label is to challenge itself and to make its audience discover new things. If we were releasing the same music as when we started it would not be so interesting. 7even is a small team of artists, and in 5 years an artist style evolves. But there is still a continuity, in the artist work and also in the 7even catalogue. If you take the 7even entire catalogue, I think the whole color and the evolution, the unity, makes sense. 


How about the reverberation around you?


I have the chance of working with music everyday so I can see the evolution of a lot of different musical styles. The 7even artists are also very upright people and true to their music and the meaning of it. So for me the music is not the only thing to have in common but also the ideas around it, how we see the music and what we want to develop and represent together.

今回7even RecordingsよりアルバムBILATERALをリリースしたENAのシングル辺りから楽曲のコンセプトがものすごくDEEPでアート(ART)になっていったというように感じていますが、それについては意識していましたか?

We feel that your music concept became very artistic and deep starting from the ENA’s single who released the album of “BILATERAL”, did you intend to make such a path?


I believe ENA as a true underground artist with a true meaning and trust in his music, he is an explorer. This is what is interesting in my opinion so I think 7even was the right place to release his productions, we undertstand each other.

その後のOCEANIA EPのリリース等、気鋭のArtistのリリースが続いていますが、レーベル初期のF,Helixir,Joaan etc..常に新しい感覚を持ったArtistの発掘に意識が向いているように感じます。以前来沖した際のインタビューでGreg自身DUBSTEPというフォマーットにこだわってはいないと答えていたのを覚えていますが、まさに今、7even Recordingsがフォーマットレス(formatless)な自由度の高い(more freely)レーベルになっている気がしています。それについてはどう思いますか?

We remember from your interview when you visited Okinawa two years ago that you are not especially belonging to Dubstep format. Even now 7even Recordings is becoming format-less and more free label. What is your opinion on that?  


If you listen to the releases on 7even, especially at the beginning, you understand that we have never been attached to any scene in particular. There were some Dubstep influences in the early releases and the label was classified into the "Dubstep" section in the stores, but for example the first release on the label, "Terre" by Likhan', has a 4/4 tempo. I think it is more related to the fact that the releases were around 140 bpm, but I don't care if people or stores put 7even's music into Dubstep, or Bass, or Electronic or whatever, this is not so important. The important thing is that I believe we keep the original mindset of "exploring", which was the most interesting thing in the Dubstep scene back in the days. The exploration of music and its many possibilities. 

7even RecordingsからのAlbum作品のリリースはF.Helixirのアルバムに続き三作品目ですね?この作品に日本人クリエイターENAを抜擢したのにはどのような経緯(purpose)がありましたか?

After “F.Helixir”, it is the third album which is released from 7even Recordings isn’t it? What was your purpose and process of choosing Japanese creator, ENA?


 By living in Japan I had the chance to meet a lot of people from different music scenes. ENA is a producer who always impressed me by the uniqueness and explorative sens of his music, so one day we decided to do a 12" on 7even, then a second one, a third one, and the logical progression was to release this "Bilateral" album. Everything came very naturally, at one time ENA told me he was working on an album project, so we knew it was the right time to work on it then. We don't put deadlines or any time pressure on ourselves regarding the releases. As it is not following any genre it can be out now or in 6 months. We only release when we are 100% satisfied with the final result.

これからの7even Recordingsが世界に提示する新しい音楽についてのイメージがあれば聞かせて下さい。

Please let us hear the image of new music which you will represent the 7even Recordings from now on?


I think the Live music scene will go back to instrumental units, and the Electronic music scene go back to the best place to enjoy it: the club. I don't really understand the concept of putting a DJ on a festival stage, it's like watching someone washing the dishes. Boring isn't it? And on a sound quality level, it's rarely very good in my opinion. 


Hasn’t it past two years since you came to Okinawa, has it? It past very quickly and please let us hear your intention for the party.

 私が思うに、名古屋でのパーティーもそうでしたが、2年前に「bud Ryukyu」でプレイできたことは日本でプレイした中でもベストだった。Love Ballもすごかったし、また会うのが待ちきれない。
「bud Ryukyu」のクルーたちは素晴らしい人々ですし、パーティーのVibesはかなりクールだった(もちろんLove Ballのスタッフとオーディエンスも含めて)。

I think, alongside another party I played in Nagoya, the Bud Ryukyu party I had the chance to play at 2 years ago is the best party I have played in Japan. The place, Love Ball, is great, the Bud Ryukyu crew are great people who I can't wait to meet again, and the  vibe at the party were super cool, from the Love Ball staff to the crowd. Kind of Junglist vibe. So I thank you very much to give me the opportunity to come and meet everyone again, and to play at the event. 



What kind of play would you like to play, Greg, yourself?


I think I will play a lot of music from the 7even catalogue.

7even Recordingsの打ち出す新しい音楽でbud ryukyuのフロアがどのような反応をするのかとても楽しみにしています。
bud ryukyuのファンへ一言お願いします。

We are excited about the reaction from the audiences of 7even Recordings’ new style of music.
Please give a word for the bud ryukyu fans.


If we all make a great vibe all together like 2 years ago, or even better, then we will enjoy a great night, so let's make it!


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